Jazz Up Plain Envelopes

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Who gets letters often? Hands up! Not me! Lately, the only letters that have my name on them are work-related and they’re not any fun. The convenience of texts, emails, and social media has pushed letters at the back burner as a mode of communication. Greeting cards used to be a medium for “thinking of you on this special day” and all that mushy stuff we cannot say in person. Now, we only have to post a status on Facebook and tag that person to make them feel special on their birthday. But letters make you feel giddy and extra special knowing that someone special (or not!) put extra effort in letting you know how special you are. Now that’s a lot of ¬†“special” in one sentence!

Anyway, special letters (personal ones, the type that doesn’t spell work and give you deadlines) can come in special envelopes too. You can buy envelopes in cute looking colors at a local supplies store or you can make your own such as the ones I made here:


I used an envelope punch board to make these envelopes using an 8inch x 8inch paper. You’d be surprised at how easy these are to make.

This simple board can bring you endless fun


It has all 9 steps to make the envelope written on the board as well.


It provides paper dimensions for every card size you want to make an envelope for


Like I said, if you don’t have this punch board yet, you can buy plain envelopes at a local supplies store. This is the more fun part—decorating! I found this part very relaxing.

You can mix and match elements in your design. These are the pieces I used for a plain white envelope


To make this:


I placed the embossed paper first, then two cut circles (not visible in this picture). I then added a bow for a feminine touch and some stickers of a fake stamp and a bird in a cage


These are the other envelopes I made (What can I say, I had a stressful week!):

What I Used: Yellow fabric ribbons and cut circle placed on a double sided foam tape for dimension
What I Used: Embossed paper and yellow fabric ribbon


My favorite. The front is plain and the flap is punched by a corner punch and a caning pattern punch


Another plain envelope with punched pieces of maple leaves and orange flowers


This is made of parchment paper so it’s a bit delicate. The front is plain and the flap is punched by a doily corner punch. I had the same one used for my wedding invites but a little bigger.


Now, I’ve got to work on the cards!