Notepad with Detachable Sheets

If I were to choose only three things to put on my office table  it would be a pen holder (with a bunch of pens,of course–i’m cheating here!) , a desk calendar, and a memo pad. Even with a digital notepad on my phone, I still feel like I need to jot things down to help me remember. So, over the weekend,  I made myself these notepads with detachable/ perforated sheets.


For this project, I used:

  1. White and colored(blue, green pink) vellum boards (one each can make one pad)

2. 1/4″ post screws. I could not find one in gold so I’m using silver.



I used my  cutting machine to save me time measuring, cutting and punching the vellum boards although this would be a no-brainer if you decide to cut and punch manually too.



The cut material looks like this:



I followed the same procedure with the rest of the vellum boards.



After cutting, I piled the sheets up in groups of approximately 5 sheets for every color then held it together with the screws.



I could have stopped here but decorating is always the best part! So I made a few cutouts with the cutting machine and pasted it on the front sheet.


The sheets detach smoothly because of the perforation.


Here’s a studio file of the sheets FREE FOR DOWNLOAD