Transferring a Silhouette Image on Canvass

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Ever since the Iron-on T-shirt Printing project, I’ve been looking for other  materials to which images may be transferred using the heat transfer paper. I found this cute 6″ x 6″ canvass with easel at a local supplies store and decided to try the same method on canvass. I’ve also wanted to work with silhouettes so I thought of incorporating it in the project as well. The result? A pseudo-painting!

When working with silhouettes, the most important thing to consider is that the image is recognizable. For this project, I chose an image from  of the very first cartoon character I knew as a kid–Mickey Mouse! (Who doesn’t recognize the ears?!)


 I did a boo-boo on this one and forgot to print the mirror image of the design on the transfer paper. Other than that, I repeated the same procedure I made in my previous post here.

Remember to cut close to the printed portions of the paper to prevent the “plastic” portions from transferring



Place the design face down on the canvass


After placing the design, I set the iron to near maximum and started ironing the transfer paper focusing especially on the edges. After letting it cool, I peeled the paper and:

mi obra maestra!