Make your own Chalkboard-looking Doodle Board


You’d know I’ve been house cleaning when I post a makeover project. Perfect example is the Faux Marble Box I posted a while back. This time, I found this old mirror from seven years ago which I rarely used after I accidentally poured melted wax over it— *sigh* the price of taking the bush out of the pits.


I’ve always liked restaurants or cafes with chalkboard menus  and, naturally, wanted one for my own.

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For this project, I used:

  1. old frame
  2. illustration board
  3. acrylic paint (I used a wood frame)
  4. acetate
  5. window markers

First, I removed the mirror and the board backing from the frame then brushed about three coatings of the acrylic paint. I let it stand for a few hours until the paint was dry.


Then using the mirror as guide, I cut an illustration board of the same size. I wasn’t planning on using chalk for this board since I worried about cleaning up chalk powder everytime. I planned on using window markers instead since its easier to clean, The window markers require a non-porous surface, so I ran an acetate laminating pouch through the laminator and placed it over the illustration board.





You can use it to post weekly/daily quotes/inspirations.


The best thing about this is it’s very easy to clean. Just use baby wipes or toilet paper to erase.


You can also use it as a “reminders” board:


Or if you just want to doodle away!