​​​​​​​​​​​​​SECOND CHANCES…it’s hard. But LETTING GO is harder (Cue in “Let it gooooo…let it goooo…can’t hold it back anymorrrrrre). Anyway, that sums up my relationship with some stuff in the house. Everytime I try to throw away something I always end up picking it from the bin thinking that it “might prove useful in the future”.  A few days ago, I was “purging” our room and found this box hidden at the back of the cabinet gathering dust:


​   ​        

I know. Why keep a hideous thing in your house?! Can’t answer that either. The hinges are still OK and I could use a jewelry box on our nightstand for our rings and necklaces. I don’t know about you but I heard it screaming for a MAKE-OVER! With a little magic, it transformed into this:


Here’s how:



 A box (preferably an ugly one)                felt paper                        self-adhesive decorative vinyl                               double-sided tape                      gloss/sealer (i.e. Mod Podge)              flat brush                               poster paint (gold) decorative accent


Line the inside of the box with felt paper. You don’t want your jewelry to get scratches from the unpolished wood. Do this by measuring the dimensions of the inside of the box and cut your felt paper accordingly.

KOT_2795KOT_2797 ​   ​     ​  







For the outside, I used a self-adhesive decorative vinyl which I got from a local hardware store. I specifically chose this marble design because I wanted a full transition effect from wood to marble. Cover the outside of the box as you did with the inside. KOT_2798KOT_2799 ​            








  To get the polished marble look, add several coats of gloss (ex. Mod Podge) and allow to dry. 

KOT_2800KOT_2802 ​              







Once dried, I painted the rim of the box with gold poster paint (to cover the ugly hinges 🙂 )


​​REMEMBER: Let the paint dry before closing the box! Once dried, I used left-over wax seal from my wedding invitation as decorative accent. You can use a button, belt buckle or a flat stone for this as well.


(Originally posted on June 22, 2015)

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