Distress Inks/Oxides Price Change

Ranger Inc. just announced a price change in their products effective January, 2021. The change in retail cost is allegedly due to increases in cost of raw materials, transportation, and tariff. By the looks of it, our beloved Ranger, Inc. products, including the crafter’s staple distress inks and distress oxides, will have an increase by a dollar from its current retail price. This is kind of expected given the current global health situation affecting domestic and international economies and most companies, if they haven’t already, are expected to follow suit. But like I said, most Ranger, Inc. products are a crafter’s staple so I don’t see the price increase causing an extreme shift to alternative products anytime soon—I have not seen a comparable product to the distress oxides to be honest. As for me, I’m sure I’ll still buy but I might cut back on the colors to save a few bucks — time to be a bit more creative LOL.

Anyway, here’s a list of products that would have price increase by 2021:

Distress Ink Pads


Oxide Ink Pads


Distress Archival Reinkers

Mini Distress Kits

Distress Mini Storage Tin

Alcohol Ink Tin

Crayon Tin

Mini Archival Storage Tin

Distress Mixed Media Palette Reinkers  

Distress Embossing Ink Pad

Distress Embossing Reinker

Archival #0 Pads


Archival #3 Ink Pads

WV Archival #0 Pads


Archival #3 Ink Pads

WV Blendable Ink Pads


Archival #0 DIY Pad  

Pigment Pads(2)


Watermark Resist Pad


Big Emboss It Clear

Perfect Pearls

Liquid Pearls – WV & Ranger

Simon Hurley Ink Pads


Dylusions Mixed Media Reinkers

On the other hand, there will be no price increase for the following products:

Distress Archival Kits

Distress Mixed Media Palette

Dylusions Mixed Media Pallete

I hope this list gives you an idea what to get for yourself this Christmas!