What’s in a BeeHappy Crafts Php999 Grab Bag?

I’ve been watching unboxing videos of Mystery Boxes on YouTube lately. For those not familiar with mystery boxes, these are sold online (mostly ebay, from what I see on unboxing videos) where sellers only give you a vague  idea of what you might find in the box. Sort of a blind date but you have to pay for it (huh?!). Basically, you buy a box (some sellers put it in pouches though) and what you get is a surprise. Those who want to gift themselves with something might have a kick with this. So, when my favorite local crafts store sold a Php999 Grab Bag of craft supplies, I immediately got one without much thought. After all, a girl can’t really have enough craft supplies, can she?

As advertised on www.behappyph.com


The grab bag came in a large LBC (I had to pay extra 150 for this courier) pouch and these are the contents:

Goodies in one large pouch!
Yassss! (me trying hard to be “millenial”)
Prettyyyy!!!! (I am obviously too excited, I’m boring you)
These will be great for scrapbooking
Never would have bought something like this on an ordinary day 🙂 Didn’t even know something like this existed 🙂


Cute little weekly planner
Really cute clear stamps! My niece says she likes the “filigree” one

Stickers (worth P60 each as advertised on their online shop)


I hoped for brush pens but these are cool as well
Decorative Tapes and more stickers!!! I’ve never seen a sticker with breads on it before! and look at those owl stickers! so stinkin’ cute!


Verdict? Although I secretly hoped for punchers and metallic dies (asa ka pa!), i think the retail value of the contents altogether were above P999. There were stuff that I know I won’t be using (like the alphabet embroidery stencil kit), but I was very happy with the clear stamps, the planner, and the wrapping paper book. Overall, the grab bag is not bad at all, I was actually tempted to get another one but maybe some other time. They only sell 35 of these and at this time there are only 14 left in stock 🙂 Any ideas on what projects I can make with the stuff that I got? Feel free to let me know 🙂


*This is not a sponsored post