How Do You Find Time For Crafting?

HAPPY NEW YEAR and I hope you had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS! I am posting this on January 1, 2019 on my side of the world. 2018 wasn’t all bad for me, although the first quarter was a bit of a headache work-wise, the year ended pretty well and I am very grateful for it. However, between an 8 to 5 job (which is actually 8-7 some days) and a 19-month old baby, I can’t seem to get time for other things like I used to.

How do you find the time to craft? How do you find time for you? Balance is such a strange word to me right now because I’m honestly struggling with it.  On times that baby is asleep while I’m at home, I would much prefer to take a nap too. Feels like i’ve been on zombie mode for a long time.

What I’ve learned is that If I want it so much, I have to make it happen. As they say, if you really want it, you’ll make time for it.  It doesn’t have to be big.

I have set Saturday mornings at around 6 o’clock as  “me” time. I know it’s a Saturday, I’m supposed to sleep in but I realized that if I change my routine and wake up later than usual, I’ll confuse my body clock over the weekend, and then I’ll wake up at 6am by Monday feeling tired and groggy—worst thing among other worst things on a Monday.

An hour or two of cardmaking melts away a weeks’ worth of  headache for me (I sure hope it does the same to my gray hair and wrinkles but let’s not overreach). So when I get these pockets of time, I whip out my crafting supplies (read: things I hoarded over the years) and try to create a card or a bookmark even if I don’t have anyone to send it to when it’s done. 

This 2019, I resolve to spend time on people who matter, things that make me smile,  and moments that count.

Here’s to more creative Saturday mornings and the best of 2019 for you and your family!